Invite Cindi to Speak

Cindi is a resident speaker at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. She is often contracted to speak at other organizations and churches.

general topics include

»  Staying grounded in chaotic times

»  Reducing stress

»  Turning down the static in your attic

»  Moving from risk to resiliency

»  Working with challenging people

»  Finding peace of mind and personal grounding in an ever changing world

»  Parenting from a calm perspective

»  Cool calm kids

»  Work life balance

»  Leading within

»  Reclaim, rejuvenate, restore

»  Self care

»  and more

health realization \ 3 principles of understanding specialization

Bringing Health to Life: Understanding Inner Technology I

This best practice in resilience has been getting results for over 35 years using the Three Principles of Mind Consciousness and Thought. This course offers an opportunity for individuals to understand the true nature of their experience, realize and maintain their innate core health, and live in balance with good judgment. Since taking this class people report having quieter minds, healthier relationships, higher moods and emotions, eliminate habits and addictions and achieve greater impact and ease with their clients, students, families, co-workers etc. Join the fun and increase your ability to create a higher reality, stay grounded, be resilient and increase your presence regardless of your circumstances. this class people take the idea of resilience from a good idea, and bring it into reality.

Bringing Health to Life: Understanding Inner Technology II

This class is designed to assist participants to achieve a deeper level of grounding and resilience in their personal and professional lives. Individuals will deepen their understanding and be able to apply and articulate their wisdom. The following are some results or topics that occur from the class content, group dialogue and activities during the class:

» Understanding insecurity: How it shows up, how to deal with it

» Relationships: Defining, creating and staying healthy within them

» Working with difficult people

» Understanding chaos and how to maintain personal grounding in it

» Leadership: within all people/roles and leading through difficulty

» Habits, addictions, and diagnosis

» Articulating Health Realization

» How to reframe negativity and drama to reduce its impact

» Clearing negative energy

» Understanding thought and the law of attraction