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Are you looking for a fun yet profound staff wellness program?

» Is it your desire to support staff with training that shifts the organization and applies to everyone?
» Are you looking for an experienced, grounded, enjoyable trainer versed in wellness?
» Would you like to have an operational philosophy that assists everyone to function optimally and on the same page?
» Would you like to improve the mental health and overall state of Well-being of the organization?
» Is it your desire to support your staff with training that shifts the organization and applies to everyone?
» Do you offer trainings that employees have felt were a gift?

Cindi has been at the forefront bringing this understanding into the country since 1982. She provides enjoyable and profound programs that honor the innate intelligence and well-being in all people. She offers best practices in Resilience, Health Realization/3 Principles and other leading edge understandings that help people work with their inner technology, resulting in their ability to rise above their circumstances and perform well. She was fortunate to be trained by the late Sydney Banks, Roger Mills, Joe Bailey  among others.

After receiving her Masters where her focus was on Holistic Health and Consciousness. Cindi also offers training focusing on the Mind Body connection, Mindfulness, Self Care and more.

Achieving improved outcomes while doing more with less has become the new norm. To achieve high outcomes, one needs to have a clear mind, increased energy, creativity, and operate with efficiency and reduce their level of stress and illness.

As professional disciplines and individuals alike take time for trainings that raise their level of wellness, they notice that they become aware of their own internal version of reality and their level of mental health. They understand the inside–out nature of experience and become proactive in self-care. This in turn creates feelings of well-being, gratitude and an increased level of productivity and commitment to organizations who care about them. In addition, people operate in higher states of service, increase performance, work well with others, make better decisions and enjoy life more.

Cindi specializes in health and wellness on all levels, personally and professionally. She provides road maps to transform resilience from a good idea to an achievable reality in a variety of organizational settings such as:

» Health care
» School districts
» Social services
» Mental and chemical health
» Churches
» Business and communities
» Individuals, children and families

She also collaborates on grant proposals.

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When people change internally, their health and relationships both personally and professionally change too.


The way we work

We believe each person has at their core an unlimited, ever present, natural resource that is independent of external factors or their environment. This resource we call innate health or resilience.

When individuals and service providers connect with and operate this place of health and presence, they live in higher states of well-being and provide impactful services. Their stress level decreases allowing them to be healthier and operate with greater creativity balance, insight, intuition, good judgment, compassion and efficacy. All of these and more are outcomes that create a healthier climate wherever they are.

Our work with individuals and organizations is customized to meet their needs and vision. Services may include training, individual education or consulting, supervision, seminars or in-services. We provide opportunities that range from short inservices to multi-year projects with organizations as they integrate a resilient, strength-based operational philosophy into their culture.

You can also connect with Cindi by attending open classes, community ed., topical seminars, individual coaching, at retreats and presentations at conferences. In addition she enjoys working on joint research and grant projects.

We enjoy customizing our training and services to meet your goals, needs and budget.

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Cindi and Health Realization: Just what the doctor ordered. Through her calm guidance, we come to re-discover our inner attributes, competencies, intuition, knowledge and creativity.  This class is life changing and life-saving. The process and content are geared for anyone; teachers, parents, health care providers, students, bus drivers, cashiers, city workers etc. If you are undergoing great change, wish to understand and manage attitudes, thoughts and others well,  HR/3 Principles classes make exceptional gifts to yourself, your staff/organization, family, and friends.  I can think of no better or no more useful in-service, staff development, or professional education opportunity

~ susie osberg, hamline university, adjunct professor, k-12, family & parent educator

After hearing from my respected colleagues about the potential benefits of Health Realization, I decided to commit to my first class.  I was a bit skeptical as it was hard for me to get past my “in-the-box” thinking.  Here I am years later, valueing Health Realization and Cindi's teaching style above and beyond ANY academic, personal or professional development that I have experienced.  It has given me insights into my innate core and has made me a more grounded, patient, and insightful person.  If you are open to making yourself the best you can be, take the plunge- you won't be sorry.   ~ann, coordinator of community education

Health Realization showed me that I have the power to create my reality.  Even when faced with devastating challenges, I can be optimistic and build a life that is better than what I had before!   ~megan hartnett