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What is Health Realization?

Health Realization/ 3 Principles is a philosophy that has been identified as a best practice for resilience and strength- based programing.  When used as a foundation to enhance well-being to organizations, individuals, families, and communities, the Three Principles of this model transform resilience from a good idea to an achievable reality.

A premise this philosophy adheres to innate health and resilience as an unlimited, ever present, natural resource and capacity within all human beings.  As people understand how their inner technology works they connect this natural resource and live in higher states of well- being.  They are able to care and serve others as well as themselves with common sense, compassion and understanding. This results in natural and deep connections personally and professionally.  Through this understanding people are able to direct others to their own internal guidance system to navigate their way through life with greater ease.  People are able to rise above and beyond their life circumstances.

Benefits for individuals

This understanding is a gift for anyone who feels stressed, overwhelmed, too busy, or for those who desire a more manageable, joyful and meaningful life.  People learn how to maintain their peace of mind regardless of what is happening in their lives.  It provides tools to stay grounded in challenging times and live life with greater presence allowing the experience of improved relationships.  People consistently report feeling less worry, anxiety, and burnout.  They experience an increase in personal effectiveness, mindfulness, creativity, job satisfaction and improved physical health.

Benefits to organizations and managers

Health Realization/Three Principles offers a "best practice" to deal with customer service, diversity, conflict resolution, transition and change, working with difficult people, and other employee issues.  It provides a common neutral language that can be used throughout the organization.  As employees feel empowered, relationships and team work improve.  They are more creative and operate in a "state of service."  They enjoy coming to work and there is an increase in productivity and morale.  Organizations benefit from a cost savings when there is a decrease in turnover rates, benefits cost and liabilities.  There is a natural decrease in the demands on the managers and supervisors by employees and the organization.

In times when employees are asked to do more with less, they manage the workload with improved quality and less commiseration.  They create healthier professional relationships and  work environments.  They transition through change with more ease and notice a direct correlation between the health of the helper and the impact on clients and outcomes.

The training center has worked with staff from a variety of arenas: education, medicine, social service, business, communities, churches, non-profit agencies, youth development, chemical and mental health.

Impact of training

Managers see higher productivity and less job dissatisfaction amongst employees.  Employees from different systems report feeling less stress regardless of the demands of their jobs.  Educators report that as they focus on the health verses the dysfunction in their students they witness improved academic performance and behavior.  Individuals experience personal empowerment and hopefulness.


My work with individuals and organizations is customized to meet the needs and vision of the contractors.  Services may include training, individual education or counseling, supervision, seminars, in-services, conference addresses, Level One, Level II and advanced classes.  There are ranges of services from short in-services to working systemically on a larger scale assisting the organization as they integrate a resilient, strength based operational philosophy into their culture.

Examples of in-service topics include: Staying grounded in Chaotic times-- Reducing stress--Turning down the static in your attic-- Moving from risk to resiliency-- Working with challenging people-- Finding peace of mind and personal grounding in an ever changing world--Parenting from a calm perspective--Cool calm kids--Work life balance-- Leading from within--Reclaim, rejuvenate, restore---Self care etc.

Why offer Health Realization to individuals and employees?

- Less burnout, worry and anxiety
- Improved feelings of well-being/self-esteem
- Increased sense of personal effectiveness and job satisfaction
- Improved relationships both personally and professionally
- Improved physical health (less illness, more energy, increased weight loss, decrease blood pressure, release harmful habits, stop smoking

What does Health Realization offer to an organization?

- A common neutral language that can be used throughout the organization when talking about how all individual function.
- It sends a message to staff that the organization values the health of the employees.
- A “best practice” to deal with customer service, diversity, conflict resolution and other employee issues.
- Improved staff relationships.
- A potential decrease in the use of sick time
- A decrease in demands on managers and supervisors as employees are empowered.
- An increase in employee productivity and moral.
- Potential cost savings – decrease in “turn-over rate, hiring and orientation, staff efficiency, benefit costs, liability.What is the impact of staff Health Realization training on customers/clients?

- Staff view and speak to and about customers/clients in respectful ways; Staffs relate more from a strengths based perspective versus dysfunction.
- Customers/Clients are attracted to the “health” of the organization.
- Staff shares learning with clients, both formally and informally.
- Customers/Clients are empowered.
- Customers/Clients are more respectful and cooperative with staff, time and physical spaces.
- Customers/Clients do better in their personal lives.


Cindi and Health Realization: Just what the doctor ordered. Through her calm guidance, we come to re-discover our inner attributes, competencies, intuition, knowledge and creativity.  This class is life changing and life-saving. The process and content are geared for anyone; teachers, parents, health care providers, students, bus drivers, cashiers, city workers etc. If you are undergoing great change, wish to understand and manage attitudes, thoughts and others well,  HR/3 Principles classes make exceptional gifts to yourself, your staff/organization, family, and friends.  I can think of no better or no more useful in-service, staff development, or professional education opportunity

~ susie osberg, hamline university, adjunct professor, k-12, family & parent educator

After hearing from my respected colleagues about the potential benefits of Health Realization, I decided to commit to my first class.  I was a bit skeptical as it was hard for me to get past my “in-the-box” thinking.  Here I am years later, valueing Health Realization and Cindi's teaching style above and beyond ANY academic, personal or professional development that I have experienced.  It has given me insights into my innate core and has made me a more grounded, patient, and insightful person.  If you are open to making yourself the best you can be, take the plunge- you won't be sorry.   ~ann, coordinator of community education

Health Realization showed me that I have the power to create my reality.  Even when faced with devastating challenges, I can be optimistic and build a life that is better than what I had before!   ~megan hartnett