Energy Training

energy training

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone activated their capacity to heal and work
with energy? 

» Do you think that there are only certain people gifted to help others heal?
» Is it possible to be in relationship with the unseen world of support?
» Can you imagine creating an energetic environment that supports you?
» Would you like to be able to clear discord or negativity from your system or environment?
» Are you wanting to increase your healing capacity/practice with Multi-dimensional energy?

Multi-Dimensional Energy trainings are designed to:

» Broaden your understanding of the science behind energy healing

» Expand your capacity to work with multi-dimensional energies by receiving personal  and group attunements

» Increase your knowledge of the fields of potential and other dimensions of healing

» Experience the impact of energy by practicing and receiving healing

» Enjoy and benefit from the collective of like-minded individuals interested in promoting  health and expansion for themselves, others and the planet

» Increase your ability to articulate and educate energetic understandings to your clients  and others

» Open to your gifts and calibrate to other frequencies

» Increase your ability to heal yourself and others

» Understand the ethics of healing and ways to help your clients process their sessions and create new realities that are in alignment with their life's purpose

» Assist people in their ascension process

» Personal attunements are provided in each class to activate and attune participants to the energy and their personal gifts. Participants report feeling more vital energy, increased psychic abilities, guided to their life's purpose, able to articulate with greater ease what has meaning for them, open to channeled talent, increased capacity for ascension, and much more

» Classes are two to three days or modified to fit requests

» Classes can be arranged for locations out of town

Please contact Cindi if you would like to be informed of classes. If there isn't a current class   offered she will put you on a list and offer classes in accordance with interest.

Short classes offered in organizations and community education:

Caring for Your Personal Energy and Resilience

Understand your inner technology so you can tap into your core health, boost your energy. Many things influence our personal energy in positive and negative ways. During difficult times both globally and personally, people unknowingly become out of alignment with their thoughts and energy. Some people siphon your energy like energy vampires while others can positively influence it. Find ways to maintain your energy field and not take on the energy or problems of your clients, family members, friends and co-workers. Doing so, you can enjoy your work, be more resilient and have higher impact.

Waking To The 'Woo Woo' In You

Many people know of or use intuitives, energy practitioners, psychics and more, and often believe that the practitioner is somehow more special than they are. Although some of us have spent more time developing our skills, all people have the capacity to bring forward their gifts. This presentation will assist participants in the following: Recognizing the range in which people’s gifts are showing up this time of awakening, become more aware of practices that can open higher states of awareness and explore ways to be in relationship with the unseen world and the field. Everyone can excitedly participate in creating a new collective consciousness, bringing us into higher potentials. Come join me in understanding the field of possibilities and ways to wake up the woo woo in you!

Opening to Your Intuition

Living and working intuitively is very effective and efficient. Men and women all have the capacity to be intuitive. Learn more about intuition, igniting it, trusting it and working with it in both your personal and professional settings. Become more aware of intuition so you can avoid creating messes, live in alignment of your life’s purpose, increase your capacity for health and well-being and be more effective and safe in work environments.

Parenting From an Energetic Perspective

Energy is more than vitality. In many cultures the way to work with many problems and health concerns is done by working with the energy within and around a person.This class will explore some of the innocent habits people have that affect their personal energy and that of their children or students. Learn some simple ways to clear, boost, and balance energy and explore ways to attend to spaces that help create a supportive environment for everyone.

Clearing Energy from Spaces and Places

Do you ever feel sluggish, heavy hearted or energy slimmed? Have you felt like home doesn’t feel as good as it used to? Have you dreaded going into spaces because they feel bad? Sometimes energy can collect in spaces and cause unpleasant feelings for you. This class will address ways to take care of old, dense, stagnant or negative energy caused by: relationship changes, illness, other people, belongings, events, work and more. In addition you will learn ways to bring in good energy where you work and live and avoid some of the pitfalls when interacting with others.

Click here for a complete list of classes.

I expected the class to be good, but I never thought I would get as much as I did.  It was far beyond what I imagined.  Fun! I felt so much energy and gained confidence in my own abilities. I'm ready for the next class!  ~ann lear, special education

I have had many people work on me, and I have been to a number of classes, but no one has been able to give the background or the science that helps people believe in energy work like Cindi does.  Now I am able to feel the power of energy, articulate it and access it to help myself, my family and co-workers.  ~mary, st. paul

The changes are magical.  I am blessed to have experienced first hand the beauty and divinity of the universe in such a warm and nurturing environment.  Cindi is an inspiring being.  I am grateful beyond measure for all the goodness and strength she has brought to my world. Her guidance was the catalyst for finding my soul's purpose.  I am having fantastic fun!  It is an honor to share this lifetime with her. ~ann (healing touch practitioner)

Cindi is able to attune people to amazing energy and help them become aware of their gifts.  She is a very knowledgeable and gifted healer, and a very fun mentor. ~patty

 I am in India and every time I check out a new teacher on the woo-woo path, I come back to appreciating Cindi.  I always feel she’s well-grounded, and I have complete trust in her.  It’s so interesting, while I am in the land of gurus; I think I've already found mine in Cindi!  ~michael s.