Energetic Imprints

Cindi has always been artistic. As a small child she enjoyed being creative by drawing, painting and designing. She received an Associates Arts degree in graphic arts while also getting schooled for counseling psychology. She later worked in interior design for a while. Currently she is receiving and producing energetic artwork. This is artwork that is created by setting an intention and allowing the hand to receive the automatic drawings. This artwork imprints the health of a person or the environment and can be used for decoration or for it’s healing properties. Each is unique and beautiful, and make for powerful personal gifts for yourself or others.

For more information or to order an imprint please contact Cindi at or 612.823.1070  between 10am-6pm.

Cindi’s channeled drawings portray the energy flow to open up the dimensions that help people in any particular situation. ~Maureen Higgens

I have been working with Cindi since 2004.  She is tremendously gifted.  Her connection to the Divine and the energy that flows through her is very powerful.  In her work she uses a special modality of "imprints" to deepen the healing and create changes in patterning that brings about lasting effects.  Imprints are energetic impulses that are channeled through Cindi and manifested in the form of unique drawings. I believe the drawings are truly the language of the universal energy, giving direction according to the individual's intent. I experience a palpable internal sensation that I knew connected me to the Divine and allowed for an openness that would further facilitate the powerful healing session that was to come. In 2000 I had a waking near death unity experience where I was completely connected to everything and the universe and complete love. I saw how we were absolutely all one. I looked to repeat this expanded state and found it while looking into one of Cindi's drawings.  Tears of gratitude streamed down my face reminding me that love is all there is. ~ Maryann Dennis M.A., Founder of The Whole Learning School