Counseling and healing sessions can be:

- In person
- By phone
- Remote
- Skype
- What’s app



When you get help, would you like to leave feeling uplifted? Equipped with new skills and ideas? 

» Would you like to feel uplifted? Clear? Accepted? Hopeful? Equipped? Have resolve?
» Could getting help be fun? Inspiring?
» Does fear of spending too much time on past issues and experiences keep you from getting help?
» Did you know that you don’t need to focus on past issues & experiences in order to move forward?
» Do you want someone experienced, grounded, broad & trustworthy to assist you on your path of transformation?


For Individuals and Families

Cindi holds the highest regard for each person she works with as she offers intuitive counseling and transformational services.

Her presence and clarity allow her to gain rapport and work intuitively. Her many years of experience, education and energetic understandings provide ways to skillfully assist people to access their innate health and wisdom as they walk their path.

People seek Cindi’s help for a variety of illnesses and circumstances. Whether it is for mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, relational discord, chronic pain, energetic disruptions and more, people report finding great support, connection and relief.

Cindi holds a strong belief that people should leave a session feeling better, not worse.

They should have new ideas and understandings to work with. Most people are surprised that sessions can be fun, productive and profound verses anxiety producing and painful. They experience Cindi as someone who listens deeply and helps people stretch in ways that honor their system. She helps align them with their core health and assists in raising their level of understanding and empowerment for good balance between mind, body and Spirit.

She is talented at seeing people’s health and wellness regardless of their current state of mind or affairs, and helps them reclaim it.

People move beyond their story and achieve a deeper knowing that nothing can damage their core health or consciousness. As people expand and wake to their true essence they calm things in their life down, become resilient, raise their level and navigate their circumstances with greater ease. They get beyond dysfunctional habits and create healthy happy lives and relationships. Joy, creativity and peace of mind are not lofty ideas but achievable realities.

Versed in wellness on many levels, Cindi works with individuals, couples and families.

She supports and assists them through progressive ways of thinking that allow them to heal and manifest positive experiences and transformation. Her clients heal from challenges such as: traumas, illness, anxiety, depression, life changes, stress, grief, divorce, relationships, family or work discord and more. She is skilled at helping people live deliberately, experience personal expansion and power, find joy, become more personally grounded and secure, increase their life skills and more.

In addition, Cindi works with many people with chronic pain or illness and assists them in healing and recovering despite the outcome of their physical health. She also counsels people on ways to prepare their system for surgery or invasive procedures and treatment.

Many people crossover to do energy work with Cindi in addition to the counseling so they can unhook habits and patterns efficiently.

Rates and Logistics

Fee 125.00 per session. Prices increased as of November 2017. Session is 1 ½ hours. 1 hour sessions for $100.00 are also available. If finances are a challenge, please talk with the provider so we can agree upon a fee that makes it possible for you to receive care. Cindi also provides distant/remote Skype sessions. To make an appointment call Cindi at 612.823.1070  between 10am-6pm or email her at:

“Transformation really means a change in the way you see the world – and a shift in how you see yourself. It is not simply a change in your point of view, but rather a whole different perception of what is possible.  It is the capacity to expand your worldview so that you can appreciate different perspectives, so that you can hold multiple perspectives simultaneously. You are not just moving from one point of view to another, you are really expanding your awareness to encompass more possibilities. Transformation implies a change in the sense of self.

~ Frances Vaughan

I am forever appreciative of Cindi’s ability to uplift and help me restore, redeem, and reclaim myself during perhaps the most difficult period of my life.~debra

My sister was totally blown away! She said she learned more in one session than in a whole year of therapy! She was very impressed and thankful for Cindi’s wisdom and guidance.  I am too, it’s as if a big burden has lifted knowing I can gently steer her back to a professional.  I'm so thankful for Cindi’s years and years of education, experiences and spot on intuition. I feel very blessed with how much she is helping me and my family.  ~cathy

Cindi is truly an amazing teacher, healer and spiritual woman.  She consistently models aspects of living in health and honoring her true self.  She has been an integral part of my growth and development as I learn to live life with strength and wisdom and discern my truth from my old stories and habits that were so dysfunctional.  I hope you take a fun class to enrich and expand your experience of everyday life.  Make an appointment to learn and observe from a truly genuine and amazing teacher.  ~meg

Cindi was able to touch all the hearts of my family and opened the doors for healing and growth.  ~amy

Cindi’s words really resonated with my 11 yo daughter. For the first time in weeks she was clearer and "in the moment"  - not as distracted by worry.  I suppose that sounds odd, but I have noticed a significant difference in her.  She talks about her visit.  It's been lovely.  She smiles -- truly smiles!  It’s been beautiful.  I looked forward to the sessions too. ~stacey

I have grown exponentially and Cindi has been a key catalyst.  I changed from an anxious, outraged and intense person to a more joyful, hopeful and light-hearted one.  With Cindi, improvements come quickly; however, I find there’s always opportunity to expand. She has been of great help no matter where I find myself.  I can attest to the merit of all Cindi’s work (counseling, training and healing) as I have participated with her in all those areas.  Cindi as a really high-quality individual who fully lives all she teaches. ~julia braegelman