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inner technology: moving from analogue to digital

Do you remember our humble roots in technology? Television, phones, computers, medical devices and more have evolved immensely since their inception. Advancements have changed our lives, moving us from effort to ease, static to clarity, slowness to speed, and so on. We too have inner technology that allows for greater reception, unlimited potentials and amazing transmissions. This session is designed to assist participants in understanding their inner technology so they can access their core health/resilience, rise above challenging situations, find peace of mind and clear the obstacles creating interference. We will explore the following:

» Innate Health/Resilience: Tuning In To The Potential

» Getting Better Reception When There’s Static

» Raising Your Antenna to Reach Higher Frequencies

» Realize and tune in to your favorites while respecting others.

health realization/ resilience level i: “bringing health to life”

Using the Three Principles of Mind Consciousness and Thought, this course offers an opportunity for individuals to understand the true nature of experience, and realize and maintain their innate core health, balance and good judgment. Since taking this class people report having quieter minds, healthier relationships, higher moods and emotions, and achieve greater impact and ease with their clients, students, families, co-workers etc. Join the fun and increase your ability to create a higher reality, stay grounded, be resilient and increase your presence regardless of your circumstances. this class, “Bringing Health to Life” moves from a good idea, and becomes a reality.

health realization/ resilience level ii: “a closer look”

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in deepening their understanding of the Three Principles/ Health Realization by exploring its application. Focus will be on a variety of topics such as: relationships, leadership, working with difficult people, mental and physical health, law of attraction, deep listening, energy etc. Participants should have prior training in Health Realization/Three Principles. Take this opportunity to enjoy the presence of other’s who are interested in expanding in their awareness. 

increasing happiness

Learn how to create happiness in the workplace and at home by understanding your inner technology. What you focus on, can create pathways in the brain that work for or against you. Explore techniques and that can change your habits and chemistry to experience a more satisfying and fun life. 

inner technology: caring for your personal energy and resilience

Understand your inner technology so you can tap into your core health, boost your energy and reclaim your desire to be in a state of service. Many things influence our personal energy in positive and negative ways. During difficult times both globally and personally, people unknowingly become out of alignment with their thoughts and energy. Some people siphon your energy like energy vampires and others can positively influence it. Find ways to maintain your energy field and not take on the energy or problems of your clients, family members, friends and co-workers. Doing so, you can enjoy your work, be more resilient and have higher impact.

opening to your intuition

Living and working intuitively is very effective and efficient. Men and women all have the capacity to be intuitive. Learn more about intuition, igniting it, trusting it and working with it in both your personal and professional settings. Become more aware of intuition so you can avoid creating messes, live in alignment of your life’s purpose, increase your capacity for health and well-being and be more effective and safe in work environments. 

the power of words

Have you noticed that when you say, hear or recall some words; your system receives a charge or feeling from it? Some words provide pleasure, joy, comfort and expansion while others trigger fear, intensity, contraction and negative reactions. Whether said to yourself, aloud or to others, your words will be felt. Often the choice of words can get in the way of the message being heard, resulting in loss of rapport, relationship strain or a decrease in compliance. This class will focus on reframing messages to be more helpful, eliminating the discord within the mind, the body, and relationships. Thus, promoting healthier relationships both personally and professionally.

the power of intention

Are you hearing a lot about setting intentions and the Law of Attraction, wondering what does that mean? Is it for real? How does it work? This class will explore how setting intentions, and having good mental hygiene can bring you more of what you want in your life. We will explore some scientific experiments and discuss practical ways that people can shift their thoughts and emotions, connect to the field of possibilities and promote change allowing for higher creative impact in their lives.

healthy relationships

All people have the capacity to be healthy in relationships. Whether your relationships are with family, friends, coworkers or romantic, you may experience controlling, dependent, or avoidant behaviors and more. We will identify habits that emerge in dependent and difficult relationships and offer ways to align with healthier habits in relationships. When people are connected to their core health, they find and experience healthy relationships. As we find ways to feel complete, present, and independent, we see relationships as opportunities to give and evolve, rather than ways to fill up. Relationships become nourishing experiences and fulfilling partnerships.

depressed or gifted?

Many people with empathic or sensory gifts often experience symptoms of depression or heavy-heartedness that need attention. For many, the cause of their symptoms may be a result of their sensory gifts. People often take on energy and pain of others during times of stress, collective trauma, change and unrest. This class will help people identify traits that coincide with sensory gifts, and learn ways to deal with these gifts that support rather than tax their physical, mental, or emotional systems. Explore ways to recognize traits earlier in children and help them develop skills that result in decreased anxiety, confusion and low moods.

the power of a quiet mind and guided imagery

Creating access and listening to wisdom is often a challenge. This workshop is designed to give participants the opportunity to understand mindfulness and learn ways to access their wisdom and intuition through guided imagery and other meditative practices.      

living deliberately

Many times people are unconsciously living their lives out of habits or expectations that don’t fit for who they are or where they are going. This workshop will explore bringing to light how participants can be more aware and able to live life from a state of deliberate and purposeful living.

transition and change

Are you a Tweener? If you or someone you know has experienced a change lately, you may be in between the comfort of the form of what you once knew, and the form of the new. Transitions and changes occur in relationships, jobs, beliefs, lifestyles, health etc. Come explore the nature of transitions and change. Identify ways to handle life’s unexpected curves balls and learn tips that help you reclaim your grounding, lessen your pain, be a good role model for others and enjoy your life again.

dealing with change and loss

Whether it is a loss of a job, a friend, family member, or addiction, there are some things you can do to help yourself or others deal with the experience in a way that can sped up the recovery process. Come and explore ways to avoid habits of insecurity, tap your resilience and reflect in ways that help you to move into your next steps.

manifesting your dreams

Is it possible to manifest what you want during difficult times? Many people have learned about the Law of Attraction, but still have difficulty maintaining the feelings that support what they want to manifest. Understanding the role of thought and being present can assist people to create what they want. Too often entertaining ideas of scarcity and insecurity can limit you from seeing new possibilities and accessing creative energy.

understand and survive chaos

Understanding chaos can really assist you in navigating your way through it. Many times it is chaos that puts us on our path. This class will explore the habits experienced during chaos and offer alternatives to assist you in feeling grounded and proactive rather than reactive. Having a different perspective allows people to be creative during these times and move from the paralyzing and dysfunctional habits of fear.

living in hope instead of fear

Reclaim your innate hope and power by understanding how experience is created from the inside out. Understand the origin of your internal security, peace, and happiness so you can access and fulfill your passion. Reflect on the importance of staying clear and grounded to influence your outcomes. See the potential of maintaining your peace of mind while chaos ushers in a higher order, bringing in unexpected and creative responses. Explore ways to access your gifts and bring them forward. Now is the time.

holi-dazzled instead of holi-frazzled

The winter season and the Holidays can bring unique challenges. Explore ways to impact the level of enjoyment you experience this season. As you recognize what your dreams are and notice the habits that innocently get in the way, you can find ways to stay connected. You will notice a greater a sense of well-being as the days get shorter, the season changes and the demands continue.

For parents/ caregivers and children

parenting from an energetic perspective

Energy is more than vitality. In many cultures the way to work with many problems and health concerns is done by working with the energy within and around a person. This class will explore some of the innocent habits people have that affect their personal energy and that of their children or students. Learn some simple ways to clear, boost, and balance energy and explore ways to attend to spaces that help create a supportive environment for everyone.

parenting with a calm perspective i (adults)

Parenting with a calm perspective...does that sound easier said than done? Approaching parenting from a calm perspective is less stressful, requires less effort and energy, and usually produces better results. In this two-part session, learn more about a model called Health Realization which explores how we create so much of our reality through our thinking. Become more aware of when your mind is taking you in nonproductive directions as well as strategies to get you back to clear thinking. Common sense, wisdom and creativity are more accessible when we notice and calm our thinking. The impact of moods (our children’s and ours) and how to parent through them will also be addressed.

parenting with a calm perspective ii (adults)

prerequisite: level i

This session we will offer information to deepen your understanding so you can more consistently parent from a grounded, secure and pleasant state of mind. Topics will include but not be limited to: understanding and working with separate realities, reducing conflict, listening to innate health when limit setting, honoring your space, dealing with difficult behaviors, deep listening, ways of quieting down, keeping the understanding alive at home.

cool calm kids level 1

When we learn how our thinking can both help and hurt us, we are better able to keep perspective and get less stressed. In this class, children will be involved in activities and discussion that help them understand how to access their common sense, wisdom and creativity. They will learn to notice when their minds are taking them in non-productive directions and discuss strategies to get back to clear thinking. Parents will attend the last hour.

cool calm kids level 2

prerequisite: cool calm kids level 1

The first level of the Cool, Calm Kids class focuses on thought; this level offers an opportunity for children to learn concepts related to mood. When we learn how our moods can both help and hurt us, we are better able to keep perspective, do less damage, and get less stressed. In this class, children will be involved in activities and discussion that help them understand moods and how they affect their thinking and vice versa. They will learn to recognize high and low moods and explore ways to care for themselves and assist others. Parents will attend the last hour.

understanding inner technology (teens: 7-12th grade)

Kids get overwhelmed and experience worry, stress and anxiety similar to adults. Habits of perfectionism or comparing themselves to others can be difficult to break. Here's a chance for teens to explore how thoughts can help or hurt them. They will learn about moods and how to not let them ruin their days. Participants will leave with strategies to “Chill” when their mind is spinning and their stress is high.

useful feelings and emotions

Within our culture, unpleasant feelings/emotions are often avoided and ignored.   Commonly, people stuff their feelings, medicate and numb them. On the flip side, some people let their emotions out without regard to their surroundings. this class we will explore the importance of honoring emotional systems and using all emotions in ways that are healthy and good. You will learn about current leading edge perspectives on the roles of emotions and be provided ideas for you or the people you care about. Topics will include understanding the nature of emotions and finding ways to use them as:

» Feedback and navigational systems

» Intelligence from your intuition

» Antennas to attract what you want

» A vibrational system and energetic tool

» Indication of your state of mind or mental health


Cindi and Health Realization: Just what the doctor ordered. Through her calm guidance, we come to re-discover our inner attributes, competencies, intuition, knowledge and creativity.  This class is life changing and life-saving. The process and content are geared for anyone; teachers, parents, health care providers, students, bus drivers, cashiers, city workers etc. If you are undergoing great change, wish to understand and manage attitudes, thoughts and others well,  HR/3 Principles classes make exceptional gifts to yourself, your staff/organization, family, and friends.  I can think of no better or no more useful in-service, staff development, or professional education opportunity

~ susie osberg, hamline university, adjunct professor, k-12, family & parent educator

After hearing from my respected colleagues about the potential benefits of Health Realization, I decided to commit to my first class.  I was a bit skeptical as it was hard for me to get past my “in-the-box” thinking.  Here I am years later, valueing Health Realization and Cindi's teaching style above and beyond ANY academic, personal or professional development that I have experienced.  It has given me insights into my innate core and has made me a more grounded, patient, and insightful person.  If you are open to making yourself the best you can be, take the plunge- you won't be sorry.   ~ann, coordinator of community education

Health Realization showed me that I have the power to create my reality.  Even when faced with devastating challenges, I can be optimistic and build a life that is better than what I had before!   ~megan hartnett