Americo Yabar

Cindi met shaman/mystic/poet/healer Americo Yabar in 2003.  She has been had the privilege to be involved in learning from him, his son Gayle and their treasured friends in Peru since.

She organizes seminars for groups both here in the United States and in Peru when possible.

Americo is a bridge between the Quero Indians, the “Wisdom Keepers” who live at the top of the Andes in Peru. He and his son Gayle travel around the world sharing the Quero way of life and activating the Salka in people. They were instrumental in activating the poetic Salka Movement. “Salka” is a Quechua term for undomesticated energy. When one is able to avoid the distractions of their mind and experience their “Salka” they live in higher states of health on all levels.

In Quechua, the language of the high Andes, Waiki (why'key) means brother or sister. It is used affectionately for someone who has an understanding and connection to all things. When Americo and Gayle work with others they truly transmit this understanding and help activate the energy so people experience deep connection.

If you are interested in future opportunities with Americo & Gayle, please click here.



I am forever changed by this understanding and am so grateful. Thank you for being such a bright light to invite them here. I love and appreciate you very much!
~justine damond

I am grateful for experiencing a tremendous connection and expansion as well as an opening to the gifts of Mother Earth and the cosmos - basically another "wake up call" to what is a natural calling to connect intentionally with energy. I am also grateful for the experience of "simple" practices to access energy at a core level and that these energies are accessible to me in present time. There has been a significant impact on my energy system and that was made very clear to me as I attempted to balance my physical body after I left the group that day - very enlightening! Thank again for sharing your wisdom and your gifts.  ~paula smith

I love Americo and Gayle’s salka. Their love and compassion for the Waiki's and everyone on this planet is so immense. When we received the special initiation it was as if the floodgates to my heart opened up! I have been in tears of joy since then! I love them both with all my heart and soul.  ~barb

I want to share with you and Americo how grateful and privileged I feel to be in your presence. I feel an overwhelming sense of coming is hard to even put into words the love and peace I feel. Thank you, thank you!  ~kari decker