Cindi ClaypatchCindi Claypatch, M.A.

Cindi Claypatch is the Founder and Director of The Health Realization Training Center, a center of Pillsbury United Communities Urban Institute. She provides presentations, consultation, education and training in a variety of settings including: educational systems, communities, businesses, social service agencies, health care systems, spiritual centers, treatment centers and more. She also assists individuals, parents and families. In recent years she has been involved in research projects funded by the NIH to look at the effects of Health Realization/3 Principles understanding with the Somali and Aromo community who have been affected by torture.

She also has a private practice called Prospectives Inc. where it is her mission to Bring the prospects of health and healing to light
through counseling, energy work, education and attunements. She is certified by the National Institute of Behavioral Health in Intuition where she studied with Medical Intuitive Dr. Christine Page. She has been a practitioner of The Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl and Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett. She has additional training in Q’Gong, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Blue Energy and Three Hearts Balancing. She studies and works with Peruvian Shaman Americo Yabar and Dr Michael Issacson from Shorewood Minnesota. After a long bout of chronic pain she was gifted with healing energy and now assists people in transforming their lives and and rising above their challenges.

In addition to her 34 years of experience, she held a license as an alcohol and drug counselor, a B.A. in Human Services with the study Psychology and Corrections, and received her Masters in Human Development, focusing on the study of consciousness, holistic health, alternative healing methods and Quantum Physics.

In 1981, she co-created the first Dual Diagnosis program in the Midwest at St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center, working with people who had mental health and chemical health issues. She also worked with people who suffered from head traumas, spinal cord injuries and burns. She later went to Abbott-Northwestern Hospital to create programs.

In the early eighties she was exposed to the Health Realization/Resiliency model, now called Three Principles Understanding as it was introduced to the United States from Canada. She witnessed dramatic results with her clients and set off to complete an internship with author and pyschologist Joseph Bailey. She was hired to stay on in his clinic and received regular training with the late Sydney Banks and other leaders. She is recognized as one of the pioneer practitioners in bringing this resilience based understanding forward.

In 1991 she felt called to to bring this universal understanding to a gang infested public housing community center in North Minneapolis where people typically had less access to healthcare. Under her title of the Director of Health & Wellness she created programs that empowered people to change their lives and community. In 1995, she co-lead a collaborative to build a family practice community clinic that she later co-managed. In 1998 the clinic was one of the five clinics selected from 200 clinics nationwide to receive the American Hospital Association”s Nova Award. As these dramatic results were witnessed with difficult populations, she was asked to create a training center where organizations of all kinds could contract services to support their staff and foster expansion from within. She continues to stays committed to this work.