i welcome you wherever you are on your journey.

Cindi Claypatch

It has been my mission for 35 years to bring LEADING EDGE IDEAS and HIGHER LEVELS OF UNDERSTANDING to the many different populations I serve. Through my experience, intuition and education, I am able to provide services that are impactful, digestible and useful.

~Cindi Claypatch, MA

I KNOW  that all people, especially you, have core health and wellness that can be accessed regardless of circumstances. I WILL  meet you/your organization where you are at and help you rise. I HONOR  you as you discover your potential and life purpose. I OFFER  multi-faceted skills, intuition, education and experience to assist your expansion, raise your level of consciousness; find happiness, meaning, and health in your life or organization. Whether you are seeking assistance for your organization or help for you or someone you care for, you will find a wide variety of services that bring health and healing to light.

Training and consulting

For individuals, organizations or conferences. Using a principle-based understanding that is a best practice in resilience, I help people bring themselves and others to a higher state of enjoyment, healthy thinking, stress management and productivity. From this vantage point, they experience higher impact in their life and work, and reduce their stress and dissatisfaction.

Counseling services

Using a resilience and principle-based understanding, people turn down the static in their attic and access their core health to heal. In their mental health, they rise above their habits and circumstances. They deal with their challenges and experience increased joy, healing, healthy relationships, while creating an immunity to depression and stress. This holistic healing is on the levels of mind, body, soul and beyond.

Energy healing

Sessions are designed to clear past or current issues in the field or body and access energies and spiritual healing to create new patterns of health and wellness on all levels. I use multi-dimensional energy work that was gifted to me, along with many years of study and experience working with other healers and methods.

Energy healing education, training and attunements

Education, attunements, classes and mentorship in multi-dimensional energy are designed to expand people’s healing capacity, access the metaphysical world, usher in their gifts to change old patterns, create desired shifts, manifest intentions and heal others and the planet.

Energetic artwork

Special order channeled energy drawings that assist in personal or environmental healing. These drawings accessed through intention act as imprints. They make great gifts for people you care about.

Cindi is experienced at skillfully and respectfully providing counsel. In addition, she can access multi-dimensional energy with her clients to bring harmony, promote healing, recalibrate their systems and usher in their gifts.
~ dr. michael issacson

There are two streams that have been consistent and deeply helpful. Healing and Learning. Cindi has met me, as well as everyone that I've referred, with an extraordinary approach that radically broadens, heals and informs, without any degree of discomfort...in fact, it’s entirely the opposite. I simply love the playfulness and her immense gift to meet me entirely wherever I am and nudge me where I need to go. ~ ann cahill

Cindi is an incredible teacher and mentor. She truly embodies and models a spirit of health and well-being. Her unique and wise perspective has been a cornerstone to my healing and growth these past few years. Not only have I benefited immensely from our relationship; she has also helped my husband and our four children on their journeys as well. I cannot recommend her strongly enough! ~ maria, rapid city

I have grown exponentially and Cindi has been a key catalyst.  I changed from an anxious, outraged and intense person to a more joyful, hopeful and light-hearted one.  With Cindi, improvements come quickly; however, I find there’s always opportunity to expand more. She has been of great help no matter where I find myself.  I can attest to the merit of all Cindi’s work (counseling, training and healing) as I have had a chance to work with her in all those areas.  I find Cindi as a really high-quality individual who fully lives all she teaches and creates within herself a fine example to emulate.
~ julia braegelmann

So glad I took notes!  I always enjoy the fun time in the energy. The class made a significant and important difference in my life and way of "thinking." I continue to experience an expansion/unfolding of quantum consciousness.  Powerful stuff!  I will never look at any experience in the same way again. Working with Cindi always will mark a profound pivotal moment that has profoundly changed my life.
~ paula, psychologist and professional harpist