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healing sessions

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Would you like to be able to talk to someone who could also do energy healing to expedite your path to health?
» When you get help, would you like to leave feeling uplifted? Equipped with new skills & ideas?
» Would you like to feel uplifted? Clear? Accepted? Hopeful? Equipped? Have resolve?
» Could getting help be fun? Inspiring?
» Did you know that you don’t need to focus on past issues & experiences in order to move forward?
» Does fear of spending too much time on past issues and experiences keep you from getting help?
» Do you want someone experienced, grounded, broad & trustworthy to assist you on your path of transformation?



Energy healing

In person, or distant/remote (phone or Skype) energy sessions help to:

» Experience, regain and maintain, health and wellness on many levels
» Assist people wherever they are on their journey
» Increase personal grounding during experiences
» Learn how to work with their personal energetic system
» Understand the relationship between energy and experiences
» Connect with the mystery of the unseen world with a grounded practitioner

» Promote healing on all levels » Support health during the aging process
» Shift physical illness, chronic conditions, terminal illnesses, injuries
» Boost compromised immune systems
» Prepare people for medical procedures or surgery
» Provide coaching/counsel before, during and after medical interventions

Emotional and Mental
» Regain an overall sense of well-being
» Restore sleep and increase vitality
» Tap resilience; provide clarity, presence, calm and increase creativity, happiness
» Alleviate emotional and mental health issues i.e. anxiety, fear, depression, insecurity, heartache, grief and loss
» Clear traumas, betrayal, separation and divorce issues, post-traumatic stress

» Improve relationships and assist in personal expansion
» Clear and heal heavy- hearted patterns held in the system from relationships
» Clear and balance systems after abuse, dependencies, addictions & self -defeating habits
» Disconnect filaments, cords and stories making it easier to move forward
» Clear energy patterns and align individuals or couples to their union and their dreams (nice wedding gift)

Personal Expansion
» Provide and integrate new understandings and information
» Understand how to deal with high sensory systems
» Set up systems to support current intentions and paths
» Usher in, calibrate, and restructure high frequencies and vibrations for next steps in one's development
» Expand consciousness and bring in gifts that are in alignment with their Higher Self and Life's purpose
» Open systems to intuition and sensory gifts
» Feel the support from the unseen

Cindi is a seasoned and grounded multi-faceted practitioner. Some call her a modern day mystic, shaman, uplifter or bridge to the unseen world. Her years of counseling and her desire to expand, add to her unique abilities to assist people on many levels. During her own healing crisis she was gifted the ability to work with energy.

Meeting people wherever they are on their journey without any judgment is one of her gifts. Her experience and broad understanding allow her to speak with people on the level they can hear and assist them in witnessing and leveraging their experiences for personal expansion.

She skillfully facilitates multi-dimensional energetic transformation, healing, counseling and education.

Weaving filaments of light and information, she clears discordant patterns and ushers in new and healthy systems. She is great at normalizing what some think is woo woo and helps people be in relationship with the unseen.

She offers simple yet profound ideas and has a great sense of humor.

She has received a Masters in Human Development in the study of holistic health, quantum physics and cross-cultural healing methods. Her mentors are Peruvian Shaman Americo Yabar and Dr. Michael Issacson.

Cindi also allows adequate time to develop rapport, connect and answer questions, assists people of all ages to understand and manage their sensory system, and holds space to guide people through their life’s circumstances.

What to expect

If you choose to work with me, I am here to be in service to you, facilitating the transformation and expansion you seek. Sessions are fully clothed. My space is comfortable and safe. I listen deeply, connect with you and your energy system and share things that help you expand in your knowledge so you can change patterns, navigate your circumstances, grow and heal. When people shift their level of understanding or uncover their innocent habits, they are less likely to recreate patterns. Together we dialogue about what you would like help with and set intentions for the healing session.

Sessions are light hearted, reverent, educational and therapeutic. You can ask questions and use me as a reference.

Experiencing Energy

Energy work is a very effective and efficient way to clear unhealthy patterns and access what is needed for healing and transformation. Many people use energy sessions move into their next steps in development and personal expansion.


Individual sessions:  In person or distant/remote. Fee 100.00 per session. Sessions run between 1-1 ½ hours. She can provide distant/remote sessions as well. Call 612.823.1070 between 10am-6pm or email.

Pre-marital sessions:  To clear energy patterns and align the individual or couple to their union and their dreams. (Nice wedding gift.)

Clearing Spaces: Cindi assists people in clearing and setting up good energy in their homes. When people move into their new home, it can be very useful to clear any leftover energy from the previous owners. Have energy set up or blessed for them allows them a fresh start in their new home. Homeowners and realtors use Cindi to come in, clear energy and give tips to help them sell their home. Because she was once an interior designer and is energy sensitive she can notice simple things that help move the energy to create a pleasant feeling. If you have been in your home for a while and plan to stay, it is often good to clear and move energy that may have become stagnant.



Cindi has a gift for accessing healing vibrations from other realms and dimensions.  She is guided to what the client needs to let go of and what needs to be brought in, she is like a surgeon during a procedure.  Her hands pull out things energetically that are not needed within the client’s energy field, then they go towards the ceiling to open a dimension that has a vibration to help a chakra, physical organ and more to heal.  Her clients can visually get a glimpse and feel what she is doing by watching her hands at work. Love and Blessings.
~maureen higgens, healer
I got clear scans! Thank you for all your support and help. You have help make my path so much smoother these past few years.


I am grateful for Cindi’s guidance, an unexpected gift, but hardly a surprise as we have come to know her generosity.  I have practiced her suggestions several times from a position of trust and openness. Laurence Freeman, a  Benedictine monk describes how we think of her: "In the relationship with the teacher the disciple lets go of the entire ego system of fear and desire. He takes the searchlight of consciousness beyond the teacher to what the teacher herself / himself is turned towards. Few teachers can play this role." She can and does!  It was also very special, and important, to have Cindi as a member of my surgery team.  I have shared with her often that although I do not know what she exactly does, I trust her at about a fourteen on a ten scale.  She is amazing on many, many dimensions.
~curt, psychologist and consultant
Cindi, Cindi, Cindi
Oh my goodness! My body, mind and soul have responded to her amazing skills. She helps me heal whatever ails me. After one session, apparently my body was ready to release “all the pressure it had built up” My blood pressure changed from 148/76 to 118/72 .  I can feel the difference. My mind is out of the incessant looping. The thoughts are not there! I have much gratitude and love her for that. My soul is singing.  
 ~linda h., nurse

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