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Training and consulting: For individuals, organizations or conferences. Using a principle based understanding that is a best practice in resilience, I help people bring themselves and others to a higher state of enjoyment, healthy thinking, stress management and productivity.  From this vantage point they have higher impact in their life and work, and reduce their stress and dissatisfaction.

Energy healing: Sessions are designed to clear past or current issues in the field or body and access energies and spiritual healing to create new patterns of health and wellness on all levels. I use multi-dimensional energy work that was gifted to me, along with many years of study and experience working with other healers and methods.

Energy healing education, training and attunements: Education, attunements, classes and mentorship in Multi-dimensional energy are designed to expand people’s healing capacity, access the metaphysical world, usher in their gifts to change old patterns, create desired shifts, manifest intentions and heal others and the planet.

Energetic Imprints: Special order channeled waveform drawings that assist in personal or environmental healing. These imprints are accessed through intention and the divine matrix. They can make great gifts for yourself or people you care about.

Counseling services:  Using a resilience and principle based understanding people turn down the static in their attic and access their core health to heal. In their mental health they can rise above their habits and circumstances, deal with their challenges and experience mind healing, joy and healthy relationships. Holistic healing is on the levels of mind, body, soul and beyond.


Bringing the Prospects of Health & Healing to Light
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My initial exposure to Cindi was that of health Realization training. Over time, I've had the opportunity to experience Cindi on many levels.  Cindi embodies so many selfless qualities that are normally attributed to the Divine. Yet, because she is human, it makes her teachings attainable somehow.  In her benevolence, Cindi offered me hope that led to trust.  Cindi's energy work initiated my emotional healing and her wisdom has further enhanced my personal growth.  She honors you by giving you space and time to "just be". She helps me stay centered and focused, knowing that everything IS and WILL BE OK. The following are a list of what Cindi does:

Promotes self-reflection, understands innocence, encourages expansion, accepts unconditional, explores possibilities, invites thinking, shares wisdom, radiates love, exudes calm, brings hope, expresses gratitude.

For all of these, I, too, am grateful.

Nancy --Chanhassen resident