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In quantum physics, all things in the material world can be broken down to the subatomic level of particles and waves, and all things exist within this level physicists refer to as "The Field" They call it many names such as: the Unified Field, the Vacuum, the Zero Point Field, the All That Is, and the Mind of God. Gregg Braden calls it the Divine Matrix.  Biologist Rupert Sheldrake references the field as a Morphogenetic field within space where animals access information. Christians connect with God or Source. Whatever we call it, we know today that there is a space that it is rich beyond means and we can be in relationship with it even though it is an unseen world.

The unseen world encompasses all that ever has been, is currently, and what lies within the future.  Within the unseen world are waves and particles that hold an enormous amount of light and information. Ervin Laszlo reports that waves can hold more than 280 quintillion bits of light and information. Lyn Mctaggert states, "One of the most important aspects of waves is that they are encoders and carriers of information."

The imprints I draw are wave patterns received from the field that work on a multi-dimensional level interacting with the standing waves of an individual, their energy field, the environment or the planet. 

To receive an energetic drawing, or healing information, I clear my mind and intentionally work from my right brain. From this state, I can access light and information beyond my current awareness. I set the intention that I align with the unlimited potential within the "Field," " Spirit," or the "Unseen World."  I open myself to receive what is needed from the highest source.  It is similar to tuning into a radio, T.V. or satellite bandwidths and frequencies.  As the connection between the intention and the wisdom within the field is made, I receive a channeled waveform drawing encoded with light and information.  I translate the language of universal energy into form much like Shamans or indigenous spiritual healers. 

When providing a healing, I again connect with the field/spirit and begin to work on the client's field with the information channeled to me.  I receive assistance from the unseen world. I am guided, my hands and body move automatically in ways that are beyond my intelligence.  It is more intelligent than anything I could do alone. Healing occurs on many levels, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, etheric, astral, cellular memory, thought systems etc.
When I am providing healing session where an imprint is used, together the client and I set the intention and ask for a wave pattern that aligns with the person's needs, and offers them optimal health on a variety of levels. After doing the drawing, assistance begins to drop in, creating access to intelligence and spirit.  I put the imprints under the treatment table and begin to work. 

After the session is completed, the person can take the drawing with them and allow it to continue to work in their space. The drawings imprint their field much like Masaru Emoto's water droplets crystallized differently in response to the words affixed to the water bottles.

Other people are beginning to share their experience with imprints. Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics reported receiving waveform drawings before doing healing sessions that guided him.  Researcher William Tiller spoke of a reasearch project where his group imprinted a box with an intention, as they sealed it, he said, "Let's let the unseen world door the heavy work." 

We are now living in a time where being open to the many avenues available to us is so important. We need to raise our level of health and understanding and keep ourselves as clear and grounded as possible.  Energy healing sessions and imprints are great routes to clearing the old, bringing in the new, receiving clarity, calling in our next steps for transformation, strength, information and light to name a few.

These drawings can be used in a variety of ways to impact the energy of a person or the environment.   Each is unique and beautiful, and make for powerful personal gifts for yourself or others.  

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I have been working with Cindi since 2004.  She is tremendously gifted.  Her connection to the Divine and the energy that flows through her is very powerful.  In her work she uses a special modality of "imprints" to deepen the healing and create changes in patterning that brings about lasting effects.  Imprints are energetic impulses that are channeled through Cindi and manifested in the form of unique drawings. I believe the drawings are truely the language of the universal energy, giving direction according to the individual's intent. I experience a palpable internal sensation that I knew connected me to the Divine and allowed for an openess that would further facilitate the powerful healing session that was to come. In 2000 I had a waking near death unity experience where I was completely connected to everything and the universe and complete love. I saw how we were absolutely all one. I looked to repeat this expanded state and found it while looking into one of Cindi's drawings.  Tears of gratitude streamed down my face reminding me that love is all there is.

Maryann Dennis -Founder of The Whole Learning School, Graduate Psychology Student