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specializing in personal and organizational wellness

» Would you like to worry less about your family and find ways to support their well-being?

» Do you want to learn ways to reduce stress, experience more joy and create more ease in all areas of your life?

» Do you want to learn an understanding that fosters resilience in you and the people you serve?

In a world where individuals and organizations have to achieve improved outcomes while doing more with less, professional disciplines are changing their approach from problem and dysfunction based philosophies to strength and resilience based approaches.

cindi has over 30 years of experience helping people do just that.

Specializing in health and wellness on all levels, she provides road maps to transform resilience from a good idea to an achievable reality in a variety of organizational settings such as: health care, school districts, social services, mental and chemical health, churches, business and communities, or individuals, children and families. The Health Realization Training Center has been in the forefront of providing enjoyable and profound programs that honor the innate intelligence and well-being in all people. At the Training Center, Cindi offers best practices that help people work with their inner technology, resulting in their ability to rise above their circumstances. When people change internally, their health and relationships both personally and professionally change too. They connect with a place of health and presence, allowing them to live in higher states of well-being and provide impactful services. Their stress level decreases and they operate with greater efficiency, joy, creativity balance, insight, good judgment and efficacy. All of these and more create a healthier climate wherever they are. Opportunities range from short seminars to multi-year projects with organizations.
Connect with Cindi by attending open classes, topical seminars, individual coaching and education, retreats or presentations at conferences, or invite her into your organization. In addition she enjoys working on joint research and grant projects as well as customizing training and services to meet your goals, needs and budget.

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examples of classes offered

» 3 Principles/ Health Realization » Understanding Your Inner Technology » Bringing Your Health to Life » Tapping and Maintaining Resilience » Working with Difficult People » Navigating Transition and Change » Increasing Happiness » The Power of Words » The Power of Intention » Creating Healthy Relationships » Caring for Your Personal Energy » The Power of a Quiet Mind » Guided Imagery and Meditation » Parenting with a Calm Perspective » Parenting from an Energetic Perspective » Cool Calm Kids » Living Deliberately » Opening to Your Intuition
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